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for Boats & Marinas

Florida is the fishing capital of the world. Turbo Pest Solutions has services dedicated strictly to our water loving friends. From tying your vessel up to docks at restaurants or even at boat yards, you run risk of these unwanted pests boarding your ship with no permission. Whether you want to eliminate those problematic rodents and pests or just protect your marina, our technician will design a plan specifically to your needs.

Being Florida natives, we understand the need for these services, from cabin cruisers to fishing yachts we can create a solution that provides you with the safety and protection you deserve. Infestations take place at our marinas and boats a little more often than we would like to believe.

The reason that so many pests are attracted to these places are due to the many moist areas and a numerous amount of living spaces ranging from dry, bright areas to dark, humid spaces. Keeping a look out for any droppings, noises in walls or attacks and even making sure they are not nesting in any storage areas. Boats and marinas always have many storages and compartments that are left untouched that are filled with dry rotted equipment, ropes, life vests and old boxes that have been wet and let sit.

Those are all places that are perfect for living and nesting. These are some of the things our technician keeps a look out for and by you helping us keep some things in order we can not only get rid of these unwanted pests but with the proper maintenance plan we can keep them from coming back.

Our boats are some of our most prized possessions and we make sure that they stay ready for a big trip or just a weekend cruise by keeping these unwanted pests away and gone we make sure that our equipment, electrical, wires and paperwork aren’t being used as a chew toy or even a bed.

Boats and Marinas are an ongoing investment and by preventing any future damages we make sure that preventative maintenance is the best maintenance! Don’t let these pests ruin any plans out on the water so contact Turbo Pest Solution and allow a professional technician to create the best solution for your land-loving pest.


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