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Cockroach Control

We feel one of the most unhealthy invaders are cockroaches. They spread their trail of filth everywhere they go by picking up contaminants from what they walk across. Cockroaches pick up all these germs with their legs and under body when they walk through all the rotten filth they walk through on a daily bases. Then once it is carried, cockroaches can spread diseases, that make us and our loved ones sick and even contaminate our food with a single pass. You can see their waste they leave behind in our cabinets, draws and inside of your pantry. By working together we limit what they can feed on and where they find shelter, our technician can provide you with the best solution and maintenance plan. We will create a plan of attack, monitor for any future activity and retreat target areas directly for these cockroaches.

If a german roach has infested our space, our technician will have to come back multiple times to treat in order to eliminate the eggs that hatched. These eggs take an average of 6 weeks to hatch and can breed in as little as 36 days. Even though you may see a major improvement it must still be maintained properly and must be retreated or the infestation will never be gone. We educate on how to upkeep the areas until the infestations is controlled. Unlike some of the other roaches, germans will be eliminated 100%.

They are not sneaking in from outside, they are what we call "hitchhikers". These roaches or eggs are brought into our homes and businesses by us. They sneak in with cardboard boxes, a new appliance and even from our gym bag. Homeowner treating can a lot of the time make the issue worse. It exposes these pests to toxins and builds immunity to the ones that don’t die and then they pass it down to the new generations. But rest assured, nothing will stop our solutions needed for all your infestation needs.


  • American Cockroach (Palmetto)
  • Brown Banded
  • German
  • Smokey Brown
  • Florida Woods
  • Brown Roach
  • Australian
  • Surinam Roach
  • Asian Roach Male
  • Oriental


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