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john lynch
john lynch
November 15, 2023
Turbo Pest control employee Dalton showed up on time and performed his duties with care and respect for my home and myself and was very informative about his task and the different varieties of critters he was exterminating. Since that task was performed I've only seen two critters and both were belly up. Rest in peace critters.
Steve Shessler
Steve Shessler
October 30, 2023
Dalton was very knowledgeable and professional
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
October 2, 2023
As the Manager at Spruce Creek Preserve in Dunnellon FL, I would like to highly recommend Turbo Pest Solutions. This company is very thorough in performing their services at three locations within our community. If we ever experience a pest problem after their monthly application they respond to our issue extremely FAST. Great company.
Thomas Bloom
Thomas Bloom
September 30, 2023
Great service! Called about a roach problem . Robert came over , informed me about the situation , gave me options at a fair price , now I am happy to say , we are roach free . Thank you turbo !!!
Family Games
Family Games
September 30, 2023
Nowadays it’s hard to find good quality, good customer service, and honest people. It’s hard to really put your trust in people and hope you aren’t just flushing your money down the drain. Turbo pest solutions has really shocked me. This isn’t just some corporate ran scheme. This isn’t just someone coming in and doing half a** to trick you in more money. These wonderful….respectful….super heroes TURBOmen come in and to help you with your pests. From day one, your pests are defeated. They aren’t out to nickel and dime you. They are out to give our community more of a healthy living, and removal of your pests. You won’t be disappointed….with their level of costumer service and communication you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about evicting the pest because turbo pests solutions have you and your family covered. Thank you so much! Christina (Beverly Hills)
September 28, 2023
Hands down the best for any of your pest solutions. Robert is truly a gentleman. Hands on , very knowledgeable, and very informative. Truly your one stop shop. I would highly recommend. Thank you Turbo!
Sheila Ingram
Sheila Ingram
September 28, 2023
Robert came out the same day I called! The problem with red ants.....gone entirely by the next evening. I was so impressed. I now have the affordable maintenance plan to never have an issue again! He was kind and professional, and I'm so glad I called this company because what they use is non-toxic for me, my cats, and the environment!
Briana Harrison
Briana Harrison
September 27, 2023
So happy I reached out to Turbo Pest Solutions. I live Beverly Hills and I was hesitant bc i had bad experiences from other companies in the past. I saw a few scorpions and had Turbo come out to provide an estimate. Decided not to have them service bc I stopped seeing them. Then I started seeing more….I pulled the trigger that day and had them back out. The technician explained everything and after 2 treatments i havent seen another one. Of course I set up to be on their pest prevention plan! Best pest control company period. They are local and family owned right here in Citrus!
Fatima Malik
Fatima Malik
September 22, 2023
Turbo pest is an extremely high quality company! We had a big issue and reached out to Rob for a consultation and estimate and he was there within 24 hours! He educated us on what the problem was and made sure to follow up after. It’s safe to say they are reliable, knowledgeable and professional! We’ve had a significant decrease in bugs in only one visit! Also they are extremely reasonably priced! Thank you so much!
Stephanie Shriver
Stephanie Shriver
September 12, 2023
I recently moved to Inverness and wanted to get set up with a pest service. Turbo Pest Solutions quickly responded to my request, came to my home the same week, and explained their process. I was concerned for my indoor only cats. They assured me that nothing would get them sick and placed treatments where they wouldn’t access them. I haven’t seen any pests inside or out around my overhangs since. I’m set up on routine visits now. Definitely recommend!

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Termite Control Services by Turbo Pest Solutions

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Termites love feeding on your biggest investment: Your Home. They have the potential to destroy billions worth of damage nationwide each year. Termite damage is more devastating than floods, fires, and hurricanes combined. Termites do not discriminate whose home they attack and everyone is at risk of dealing with these pests. Unfortunately, most homeowner's insurance does not cover them. Here in Florida, we have an average of 13-14 termite colonies per acre of land. As with any other pests, prevention is key to protecting your home.

About Termites

Types of Termites
5 Fun Facts About Termites

5 Interesting Facts About Termites

  • Termites do not require sleep and will work 24-hours per day.
  • Termites outweigh humans on Earth.
  • Ants are termite predators and often attack and eat them in battles over territory.
  • Termites are one of the longest living insects as they can live up to 15 years.
  • Termites bite force has been known to exceed 145 psi. The average bite force of a human adult is 160 psi.

Termite Species Key

Subterranean: Underground, moist colonies
Drywood: Infests Drywood
Conehead: Invasive and fast-spreading, mainly South
Formosan Subterranean: Aggressive and the most widely distributed
Dampwood: Infests wet wood

Common Termite Species in Florida

The most common termite species that we come in contact with are Formosan Subterraneans and Eastern Subterraneans. They sound similar but differ in where they live what they look like, and even what they eat. The main difference between the two species is that Formosan Subterraneans build cartons that bring moisture to their nests. Whether you are dealing with Formosans or Eastern’s, they both belong to the subterranean category which, in total, has costed the United States about $1.6 billion in termite control per year.

Formosan Subterraneans have the worst reputation and are known as a high-population species that form galleries underground that interconnect. Formosans were actually first reported in Florida in the 1980's, though they are currently found all over the United States. They are the most devastating species as their colonies can reach numbers in the millions. The largest known Formosan colony was reported at an abandoned library in New Orleans with a population of over ten million. Due to these huge numbers, this species is the most destructive in the shortest time spans. Because of this, they are considered the most economically important pest in the state of Hawaii.

Like any other being, they are after water and food. Usually, they can find entry into a structure by cracks in the foundation, utility conduits, etc. They will build foraging tubes from the soil up into the structure where they will feed and potentially create nests inside walls or under sinks. Alates, winged swarmer’s, can also fly to find suitable areas for the colony to habituate above ground, such as a rooftop that collects rainwater. These are called aerial colonies as they don't connect to the ground at all. Aerial colonies are more common with Formosans than any other termites. This species will build "cartons," constructed from mud and feces, that bring moisture to their nests. Formosans are incredibly efficient in this way because they do not have to return to the soil for water.

A colony will usually consist of 3 castes; the reproducers, the soldiers, and the workers. Identification of these pests are usually based on the soldiers, or alates. Like bees, termites have a queen that can produce more than 1,000 eggs per day. A colony may take 3-5 years before it can grow to substantial size and cause major damage.

Damage done by a Formosan Subterranean colony is tremendous due to how large in population they can be become. Pest professionals can determine the location and extent of the damage and come up with a game plan to control the colony.
Eastern (or Native) Subterraneans are a highly sneaky termite than can be found anywhere in the United States, except for Alaska. However, they are more commonly found in the Southeast where it is warm and humid. This is the most common species of termite in Florida. A single colony may have a population of up to one million. As their name suggests, they come from underground and find their way into a structure by cracks or joints in the foundation. They build mud tubes, or forage tubes, leading up into the structure that act as highways that allow them to get from their underground residence to the food sources up above.

Termites feed on cellulose, which is a structural component of plant cells. Wood contains cellulose which is why it becomes the main target of destruction. However, termites will destroy non-cellulose materials to get to food. While it is a myth that they can chew through concrete, they most certainly can enlarge gaps in concrete (or whatever else) to get to their food source. They can pass through a crack 1/8" long so keeping them out can be an extreme challenge. Because they are so secretive, by the time you see evidence of their presence in your home, the infestations has already been years in the making.

The alates will swarm, find a mate, and then find a location to start their own colony. Once they are successfully mated, they will break their wings off and being the colonization process with their queen

The Science Behind the Bait

Termite Bait Stations will be placed by the professional where foraging is anticipated. They will be attracted to the bait and consume it. The bait is designed to have a time-delayed affect. Termites will groom and feed each other regularly, thus transferring the bait to other colony members, including the queen. This method ensures every termite gets a lethal dose, leading to a collapse of the colony.

If you happen to see these termites, it is best to avoid disturbing them. They may be prompted to leave the disturbed site and discreetly move to another area to begin a new cycle of destruction. ALWAYS schedule an inspection with a professional.

How We Do It

pest control inverness fl

When it comes to subterraneans, there are 2 primary types of service; maintenance and correcting a termite infestation. When it comes to maintenance, our primary go-to is bait stations. The placement of bait stations around your home allows termites to find the bait stations. Termites communicate through pheromones to let their colony members know they have found a food source. When they finish eating, they head back to their colony to share their findings with other members through trophallaxis. On average, only 10-30% of the colony are out working or foraging for food/water so it is important for the members that are outside foraging to bring it back to the colony.

The liquid is a direct barrier around the home with a non-repellent termiticide. A non-repellent is a product that, when dry, termites cannot detect and continues to walk through. This barrier gets on their bodies and everywhere they go, they track the product. The product is dispersed through every tunnel that they walk through and all over their colony. The product is put down and everyone else who walks over it is now infected with the same product, thus, allowing the entire colony to cycle itself down. With active populations, foaming walls or voids will help get populations under control and eliminated. Bait stations are definitely getting more popular because they are safer for our environment and studies show they are getting more and more effective. Liquid products, when put down properly, can average 10 years of coverage.

Looking for a potential water leak or water source can direct you to colonies inside your home. Like discussed previously, Formosan termites can establish themselves inside of a wall or barrier. With active infestations, sometimes opening walls around plumbing, showers, and tubs will give you the best chance of finding a colony and/or water source. Without opening a wall, it could be a very tricky correction. Removing any wood around the foundation of the house is always a good step in prevention. Prevention is the best course of action because there is no way to avoid getting the service done so saving yourselves the thousands in potential damage is the best answer. We often hear that homeowners know they don’t have termites because they had a termite inspection when they purchased the home. Unfortunately, unless you can see through walls, it's never 100%. We have installed bait stations on newly purchased homes that have been loaded with active termites by their 3-month inspection. Sometimes they are already in the home and we hope we catch them before they find the structure.